Available Animals

Interested in adopting

a rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or other small animals you saw on Petfinder?

Adoption Fees

Rabbits - $75 (single rabbit) / $140 (bonded pair) / $180 (bonded trio)

Guinea Pigs - $25 (single guinea pig) / $40 (bonded pair)

Chinchillas - $60 (single chinchilla) / $100 (bonded pair or trio)

Hamsters - $10 (single hamster)

This is a non-refundable donation to K&R Small Animal Sanctuary and not a purchase price for the animal(s) or any supplies that are acquired and the donation cannot be refunded for any reason. Donations are used directly and immediately to rescue another animal in need and provide it with medical attention, training, and proper housing and therefore are not able to be re-disbursed.

All rabbit adoptions include spay or neuter, microchip, RHDV2 vaccination and all species of adoptable animals include a physical exam by a veterinarian and other treatments as needed.