Foster a Pet

Foster homes are essential to K&R Small Animal Sanctuary. Without our foster homes, we would be unable to meet the demands of the small animal overpopulation in the Fox Valley. This would result in many more abandoned, released, and euthanized rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. every day. With the help of our foster parents, we are able to provide a sanctuary for rabbits and small animals of all kinds until a “forever home” comes along.

When animals are surrendered to our organization, they are held for 3-5 days (depending on their background) until they can be cleared to head to a foster home. During their stay at this quarantine facility, we are given the opportunity to weigh the animal, provide an intake evaluation of health and temperament, trim nails, groom coats, and observe the animal for any irregular behaviors. After the adequate quarantine period is over, rabbits are spayed/neutered stay an additional 3-5 days for a quiet recovery where they can be observed for any change in behavior or complications.

After the animal has been evaluated and any immediate health concerns addressed, they then need to be placed in a foster home that will provide them with the care and attention that they deserve. Many of these small animals come from neglectful or abusive homes or homes where proper housing was not available. It is necessary for our foster parents to show the animal what being a loved member of the family is all about! Many of the animals that arrive at K&R have never lived indoors or have spent significant time at a noisy shelter that may not be small-critter savvy. These special animals need their foster homes to show them what being a house pet is all about. Some of the responsibilities that go along with this include litter training, socialization, grooming, and correcting temperament problems.

Once in a foster home, K&R will begin advertising the small animal for adoption as well as start conducting interviews for potential homes. Once potential parents have been approved by the rescue, the foster home will be contacted in order to transport their foster critter to one of our volunteers who will conduct a “meet and greet” with the potential new owners! The foster home is not required to stay for the meet and greet, but they are welcome to do so!

It must be stated that many of our animals end up being long term projects and that some will never find appropriate parents, therefore when signing up to be a foster parent, we are looking for dedicated individuals willing to take on a long-term commitment. If this is something that you think you can do, we encourage you to fill out a foster home application with K&R Small Animal Sanctuary.

K&R Small Animal Sanctuary’s Obligations to Foster Parents:

  • Provide Spay/Neuter Services
  • Provide Medical Care
  • Advertise the animal for adoption
  • Evaluate Adoption Applications
  • Perform Adoption Interviews
  • Set up Meet and Greets
  • Collect Donations and Adoption Fees
  • Distribute Donations Among Foster Homes
  • Setup cage and start-up supplies

Foster Home’s Obligations to K&R Small Animal Sanctuary:

  • Provide for the Day to Day Needs of the Animal(s)
  • Hay
  • Pellets
  • Greens/Vegetables
  • Litter
  • Bedding
  • Nail Trimming and Grooming
  • Socialization
  • Provide Proper Litter Box Training
  • Provide Transportation to/from K&R volunteers for Meet and Greets & Vet Visits
  • Provide K&R with Personality and Behavior Information